Spring Bass Fishing Tackle Tips & More!

Spring Bass Fishing Tackle Tips & More!

Spring bass fishing can often be one of the best (and worst!) times of the year for anglers, depending on the knowledge you possess. So today, our team at Smartbaits wanted to provide you with the best spring bass fishing tips so you know where to go and what to throw to stick some studs in the spring-time.

The Best Baits for Spring Bass Fishing

When bass fishing in the spring, it is important to know that you must take a look at the water temperature where you’re fishing, as well as what kind of structure is in your body of water. But with that being said, let’s just dive right into the best baits for spring-time bass fishing that allow anglers to land trophy largies time and time again!

  1. Finesse Jigs: The finesse jig is a well-known staple lure, not only in the springtime, but year round for many anglers. The finesse jig provides a small profile for lethargic cold-water spring bass that are looking for a little snack! Make sure you have some finesse jigs in your tackle box when spring bass fishing.
  2. Lipless Crankbait: Once the bass have become more active in the warmer spring weather, moving baits with pace and covering lots of water should be your objective. In particular, the Smartbaits Smart Vibe Lipless Crankbait are killer for bass on the prowl for a big prespawn meal! You can use any lipless crankbait when fishing for bass during spring, but the Smartbaits Vibe lipless crankbait will change colors based on the water column and thermocline.
  3. Jerkbait: Oftentimes in the spring, bass aren’t on the bottom eating jigs, or actively chasing lipless crankbaits, which is where the jerkbait comes in handy. When bass are suspended in the spring there is no better bait to target them with than the jerkbait! Look for a versatile jerkbait that can dive to medium depths while still keeping it’s shine. A couple good Smartbaits jerkbaits come to mind for this occasion!

The Best Tips for Spring Bass Fishing

Knowing which baits work the best can only get you so far in the spring. So, here are our top three tips for spring bass fishing that will help you track down the bass this time of year no matter where you are fishing: 

  • Bass are oftentimes on the move in the springtime, or stacked up in one place. It is key to use moving baits and cover lots of water to find where the fish are, then switch to a slower bait if necessary. If one method isn’t working, get another set-up ready and try something different!
  • When the water temperatures begin to transition, bass will often stack up in places where there is a rigid depth transition (shallow to deep water quickly) and move between depths depending on the time of day or water temperature. A majority of the time when you find areas like this, you’ll find some bass too! Use your kayak or boats sonar where possible to locate these areas.
  • When fishing clear water, sometimes there is no need for electronics or graphs in the boat. Sight fishing for bass can often be the most efficient way to track them down in the spring if they are prowling shallow waters already. Trust your gut and trust your eyes.

Spring bass fishing can be tricky, but it is also the time where the bass are the biggest and your chances of landing a PB are at their all time high! We hope you put these tips into practice and Fish Smarter this spring!