Why not just use a specific color lure such as red or chartreuse vs. one that changes?

  • The reason that Smartbaits color changing technology is so revolutionary is that you can constantly reset the lure to change colors continually which will attract fish to strike
  • With a lure that changes from chartreuse to red; once the lure is pulled out of the set "color change" temperature, it resets back to chartreuse and when you can recast it will change color once again to re-attract fish. If you are having better success with one color or the other, this provides you an easy way to change your strategy up!

Will it work at several temperatures?

  • Smartbaits can set specific temperature ranges for different areas such as Florida's warm, shallow lakes, to the deeper and colder water temperatures of the Great Lakes! 
  • Currently, Smartbaits lures are programmed to change colors from approximately 65 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 to 30 degrees Celsius

Will it stop working or wear out?

  • Smartbaits lures will continually change colors forever as the process is permanent.

 Do the hardbaits and the softbaits change color in the same way?

  • Our hardbaits are coated with our unique color change formula and our softbaits are injected with the same formula
  • Our hardbaits will change faster than our softbaits as the softbaits are denser in texture
  • Hardbaits change color on the belly of the lure while our softbaits undergo a whole color change, where the entire lure will change from one color to another. One such example is  red to chartreuse. They also come in a laminated color change bait, where the top of the lure will change from one color to another and the bottom of the lure will also change from one color to another. For example our Foxy Frog softbaits change color from watermelon to junebug on the top part of the lure, and on the bottom part of the lure they change from a clear/transparent color to blood red.

 Why are Smartbaits revolutionary?

  • Fish see in color and color changes will attract a fish to strike a lure
  • When a Smartbaits lure is cast into the water and it moves through different temperature ranges, it will change color. This color change process is designed to alert fish that there is organic, real activity in the water as opposed to a static, one color bait.
  • Once the lure has fully changed color (a quick and continual process as the lure moves through different water temperatures) then it will appear to be wounded or bleeding, and the fish will attack the lure.

Does Smartbaits Online store ship internationally?

  • We currently ship to locations in the USA and Canada only, shipping to international locations will be available shortly

Are Smartbaits available at a retailer near my location?

  • Smartbaits are sold through our online store and our Amazon store.