Fish see color differently depending on water clarity and light levels. They can see more than 40 feet in clear water, 14 to 16 feet in stained water and 3 to 5 feet in muddy water. Some colors are highly visible to fish at one time during the day, and invisible at another time. Researchers don’t know how fish perceive color, but they do know which colors are most effective at catching their eye in different water and light conditions.

At Smartbaits, our lures will change color according to fishing conditions, including temperature, water column, depth, and other factors. They have the remarkable ability to imitate live, bleeding prey fish as they move through fluctuating water temperatures and thermoclines. These color changes imitate what prey fish do in nature and will trigger fish to strike. At Smartbaits, we only use high-quality materials with attractive styles. Our color changing baits are valuable in any tackle box, and can provide the kind of versatility needed for a variety of situations.