Flipping & Pitching: A staple summer fishing tactic to catch bass

Flipping & Pitching: A staple summer fishing tactic to catch bass

It’s that time of year, the water is warm and the bass bite is hot! But oftentimes when bass fishing in summer, it can be difficult to know where to catch bass. Sometimes bass are in shallow waters feeding on bait, and other times they're out deep just trying to escape the summer heat. Regardless of where you're fishing, bass will usually come up to shallow waters and hide out in a variety of structures. These can consist of docks, brush, timber, and more. Maneuvering all these different structures can be tricky, but there is one tactic that allows anglers to make the most of these summer fishing hotspots... That tactic is flipping and pitching. 

Let’s take a look at this highly effective summer fishing tactic along with what the best bass fishing lures are and where to catch bass when using the flipping or pitching method.

What is flipping and pitching?

Simply put, flipping and pitching consists of small accurate casts when fishing shallow structures. Flipping and pitching are some of the best ways to catch bass during the summer fishing season. These short, accurate casts allow you to put your bait into small holes or gaps in the structure you are fishing. For example, when fishing docks, anglers often use these methods to skip under the docks or flip in between gaps of the posts that bass are often hugging.

If you're able to master the flipping and pitching technique, you will be able to catch far more bass compared to others, solely because of the precise casting skill that comes with these methods. Flipping and pitching is not a must-have skill set for bass anglers, but one that will allow you to catch more bass and amplify your fishing experience.

Where to catch bass when flipping and pitching?

Flipping and pitching are typically used as summer fishing tactics. This is because in the summer, bass are often in shallow waters at the beginning and the end of the day. During this time, bass are in shallow structures feeding on bait. Flipping and pitching this structure at the right time of day can be one of the best ways to catch bass in the summer! During the summer fishing season, bass favor structures like timber, docks, or rocks because these structures provide one crucial thing all bass need: shade. Bass are just like people… when it’s too hot out they go in the shade, and they usually won't leave for anything. Because of this, you have to get your bait right in front of them to get a bite! More specifically, when you’re fishing shallow structures using the flip and pitch methods, it’s important to look for small gaps that you can fit your lure into. The reason is, that sometimes bass are so finicky or lethargic that when you flip or pitch on the outskirts of the cover, they’re too lazy to eat it. But if you get your bait right in the middle of the structure and there’s a fish there, it’s safe to say you’ll have a bass in the boat shortly after that.

Best Bass Fishing Lures for Flipping and Pitching:

Flipping and pitching requires anglers to make short casts that require accuracy. For this reason, heavier baits are typically the best bass fishing lures for flipping and pitching. The bass jig is the most used lure with this tactic, but don’t be afraid to educate yourself on other lures to toss like the Texas-rigged craw! For example, the Brainy Bugger is a great bass fishing lure to rig Texas-style for flipping and pitching. Generally, bottom baits are the best for flipping and pitching. Once you get your lure in the desired structure, you’ll want to leave it there for a while, slowly jigging to entice a lethargic bass.

brainy bugger fishing lure

All in all, flipping and pitching can be a game-changer for many anglers and allow them to make their big bass dreams a reality! We hope you can apply this information next time you hit the water this summer and Fish Smarter!