Best Overcast Fishing Tips for Bass Anglers

Best Overcast Fishing Tips for Bass Anglers

Bass Fishing in Overcast Weather

Oftentimes there are so many variables when it comes to bass fishing that it’s hard to even keep track of simple things, like what the best weather conditions are to get on a hot bass bite. And even though it may not seem like a big deal, the weather, and in particular the cloud cover, plays a huge role in what lures you should be tossing and where you should be wetting a line. Today, we will be taking a deeper dive into tips for fishing in overcast conditions, how you can adapt to such weather, and how to Fish Smarter to get more bass in the boat when there’s cloud coverage. Lastly, we’ll cover why this weather is undeniably the best condition for bass fishing! 

Overcast Weather = Aggressive Bass!

Anglers truly don’t understand the impact and importance of cloud coverage when they are fishing, especially when the water warms up for the year. When there are cloudy conditions, shallow waters are often cooler in temperature as opposed to when the sun is beaming on them. This means that when there are overcast conditions, instead of moving out to deep cooler waters like they would if it was sunny, the bass actually stay in shallower waters and are ultra-aggressive because of the cooler temperatures. Not only that, but cloud coverage also provides a stable bass bite nearly all day. Typically, when it’s sunny out, the bass bite usually cools off after early morning until late afternoon. But when overcast conditions present themselves during the day, this leads to a solid bite and plenty of consistent action while out bass fishing! 

Moving Baits are KEY for Overcast Bass Fishing

Now that we know bass are much more active when there is cloud coverage due to cooler water temperatures, let’s get right into the best baits for bass fishing in overcast weather. Choosing the right baits will allow you to consistently catch bass in cloudy conditions no matter where you’re fishing. Fast-moving baits are often best because the bass are in such an aggressive mood. We consistently have good luck when throwing spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, squarebill crankbaits, and swimbaits… all of which are quick retrieval baits that should definitely fire up the bass in your waters. With that being said, don’t be afraid to tie on a topwater bait like the Smartbaits Foxy Frog and burn them through some pads. Regardless of which water column you end up fishing in, if bass see a fast-moving lure they think is prey, they will react quickly in overcast conditions!

Overcast Bass Fishing during Spawn Season: Switch It Up!

Even though bass have nearly the same behavior when spawning, no matter what type of cloud cover is present, where they are located can often change based on whether they have some shade from the clouds. As mentioned earlier, when there is some cloud coverage bass will often stay shallow. So, during spawn on a cloudy day, you will find the bass directly on their beds which makes it a lot easier to track them down. On sunny days, however, the bass will often go to nearby weeds or timber for some shade… so keep that in mind if you don’t see them on beds when there are bluebird skies.

Overall, mastering what to throw and where to go depending on the weather is crucial if you want to be able to consistently get a good bass bite. We hope these tips will help you Fish Smarter next time you hit the water on an overcast day!