Cold Water Tips

Cold Water Tips

How to catch bass in cold water is one of the most asked questions by fisherman whether they are new to the sport or not. It can often be tricky to track down the bass in the winter, so our team at Smartbaits wanted to help you sharpen your skills and get your winter bassin’ dialed in!

When fishing for bass in the winter, or when the water temperatures are cold it’s important to note these few things:

  • Bass tend to stay away from current unlike in the summer because they don’t want to waste their energy fighting it
  • Oftentimes bass will pull off shore and find the deepest spot they can find
  • Bass are still active in the winter, but typically in the afternoon daylight

With all that being said, even though the bass are active, they still are much more lethargic and less reactive than they are in other seasons. So here’s three of our best tips to help increase your chances of sticking a winter stud:

  • When fishing, look for areas where bait fish are concentrated. The bass typically hang by large groups of baitfish for an easy snack without much effort given.
  • Smaller finesse type baits often work best being that that bass don’t have the energy more often than not to chase reaction baits when the temps are really cold. 
  • Try and look for the clearest part of your fishery because that’s where the bass will be! The clearest part of a body of water is often the warmest. 

We hope these tips will help you Fish Smarter this week and catch some winter-time bass!