Smartbaits first official professional tournament win!

Cory Banford - Shootout Series President

Smartbaits claims its first official professional tournament win! Veteran bass fishing team of Tony Deboer, and John Horton win the Shootout Series event held on the Mississippi near Ottawa Ontario. This was Tony and John's first Shootout Series win, which is Canada's largest open series. Both these anglers are no strangers to winning tournaments, as their combined titles would be well into the 70's. What is special about this win was, they were using a few Smartbaits products.

Fishing heavy cover most of the day, the team punched pads and mat with Smartbaits 10" worm called Robbie Ribbon. They also used Smartbaits Brainy Bugger and Smartbomb. The story from Mr.Deboer at the end of the day was, that they caught lots of fish on the Brainy Bugger, and Smartbomb, but two other baits really was catching the bigger fish that day. Tony claims the 5 biggest fish that they caught which ended up being the winning bag, all came from the 10" worm and his own custom bait he makes that he calls "wild boer". First using a 1oz weight with the 10" worm to break through the heavy cover put the bait right in front of the Bass "With the color change happening right before it's eye's, the largemouth were attacking it more out of anger than hunger" Tony said. Second was his homemade bait, it mimick's a slow swimming baby catfish, that was worked between the thick cover patches in open water.

John said "truly using this pattern all day was how we got the job done"

This was not the first event they used that one, two, three, knockout punch tactic. A few weeks prior they finished 7th just over a pound shy of another win. Im sure this won't be the last time we see this duo in the winner's circle from using that game plan.

Watch out for this new innovative product line from Smartbaits, it's starting to hit the tournament trails and getting results and money into anglers pockets.


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