Night Fishing (Bass Edition)

Night Fishing (Bass Edition)

During the winter, light levels get lower as the sun starts to set earlier in the day. Not only does this affect your schedule, but it affects the bass too! As their available light changes, their habits change too, and you'll have to change some things up if you want to pull some hogs in!

Probably the most obvious change is the color of your baits and lures. With lower light levels, fish will be hard pressed to see your blacks, blues, and dark greens. Instead, try some brighter colors like yellow or red! Our glowbaits work extremely well for this purpose, as not only do they come in bright colors as mentioned, but they will light up in murky and dark water, making it easy for bass and other fish to see! 

Now, even though bass are active, due to low light levels, you still have to make things easy for them. Work your baits at a slow speed in order to grab their attention! Again, this works well with glowbaits, as the light makes them easier to see from the shore or your boat and manipulate your speed, angle, and depth.

Last but not least, don't forget your Personal Flotation Device! Low light fishing out on the water can be dangerous, even for experienced anglers. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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