Ron Wilson from WESTERN OUTDOOR NEWS recently tried some Smartbaits lures, what did he think of them?


Tried a couple new baits from Canada at the pond today. Carl and I had 71 bass and 27 crappie! The baits were some soft plastic baits that changed colors with the water and weather temp. 

Had a fluke that went from red in the morning to blue chartreuse, During the day I watched as it changed different colors and at one time while it was just hanging off the boat I could see 4 different colored sections on the bait from chartreuse tail, red, blue back and greenish chartreuse on the belly toward the head.

I didn't think it would work but I caught lots of fish on it during the heat of the day by throwing to the edge of the weed line and letting it sink and then twitch it back to the boat slowly! The bass would come up and inhale it! Smartbaits have hardbaits that do the same thing.



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