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Chevy Champagne

"I have had the opportunity to test a lot of products made by Smartbaits over this season on the water and let me tell you whether you are flipping trees for giant largies with the brainy bugger or drop shotting ledges for potbellied smallmouth with the straight shooter you will not be disappointed with both the durability and how the fish react to these baits! They just eat em!"

Chevy Champagne
Recreational Tournament Angler &
Tournament Winner

Vittorio (Vic) Capobianco Testimonial
Vittorio (Vic) Capobianco Testimonial Fish Caught

So in late August I was given a few packs of Smartbaits. I can't explain how skeptical I was until I actually tried one.  A bait that changes colour in different water temps? Really because the fish really care?
Well at a championship event I took one and put it on. Let me say I ate my words. All I can say is WOW!  My partner was throwing a straight watermelon and I had put on one that went from a green to a red black. It was only seconds before I was putting fish after fish in the boat!
That colour change in the water was driving the fish crazy. Right before my eyes I couldn't believe what I was seeing with the bait changing colour and the fish waiting until it got to the colour it wanted and then BANG! Fish On!!
The hard baits were just as phenomenal with the belly changing colour like it was wounded! The smallmouth where busting out of the water fighting each other for it. I would definitely recommend these baits to anyone to try.
The colour changing, action and profiles are absolutely spot on and the variety of
baits gives you options to choose what you like. I look forward to using these baits in my upcoming tournament season and I know they will help in my
Vittorio (Vic) Capobianco
Recreational Tournament Angler &
Tournament Winner
Etobicoke, ON Canada


Ron Wilson from WESTERN OUTDOOR NEWS recently tried some Smartbaits lures, what did he think of them? "Tried a couple new baits from Canada at the pond today. Carl and I had 71 bass and 27 crappie! The baits were some soft plastic baits that changed colors with the water and weather temp. Had a fluke that went from red in the morning to blue chartreuse, During the day I watched as it changed different colors and at one time while it was just hanging off the boat I could see 4 different colored sections on the bait from chartreuse tail, red, blue back and greenish chartreuse on the belly toward the head. I didn't think it would work but I caught lots of fish on it during the heat of the day by throwing to the edge of the weed line and letting it sink and then twitch it back to the boat slowly! The bass would come up and inhale it! Smartbaits have hardbaits that do the same thing."


About Western Outdoor News
Western Outdoor News is the only sportsman's weekly in the western United States, and the largest weekly fishing and hunting newspaper in the country. Serving the interests of fishermen and hunters living in and around California, it is published in two editions - one each for northern and southern California.

Reno Viola

"When I first heard about Smartbaits I was skeptical. After 40 years in the Fishing industry, I had never heard or seen anything quite like this before. However, the idea of color changing baits fascinated me. Then the more I thought about it the more it started to make sense that they would catch more fish. Their slogan "Color Changes Everything" got me thinking about what was the most important factor in my bait selection decision. The answer is color. The bait has to look natural color wise (or very contrasting) and it then if you can add a new twist, (a different temporary color) you have a winner. To me the color switch in the bait as the water column temperature and depth changes is the key factor triggering strikes and to me using and catching more fish with Smartbaits. It is easy to use and simply out fishes most other baits when they are used side by side. In real simple terms, I love my Smartbaits, they are unique and my baits are now doing what other baits are not, which is changing color right in front of the fish's eyes and making fish strike. With the wide selection of styles and shapes there is a Smartbaits lure available for almost every application, from fresh water to salt water purposes. My way of fishing has changed for the better."

Reno Viola
Television and Radio Show Host The Fish'n Canada Show,
The Outdoor Journal Show, In-Depth with Reno Viola
Canadian Sportsfishing Hall of Fame Inductee
Awarded Veteran Outdoor Writer and Broadcaster
Tournament Champion

Kingsley S. Grant

"I have been fishing my entire life, and have been guiding for several years now with my latest adventures being in Victoria BC, but before that, The St. Lawrence River and the Great lakes was home and for a while the Yukon and Alaska were also where I spent a handful of years fishing for different species. I have also had the opportunity to fish the Gulf of Mexico every winter for the past 25 years. The one thing I have found over the years is that sometimes fish are easy to catch and sometimes they are not. It is the times when they are not easy to catch that you need to fish "Smarter" than how the others around you are. Sometimes it is the bait your using. Sometimes you just need to "tweak" the bait to get the reaction strike you are looking for. Since I have started using Smartbaits these past 2 years, I have been able to put more, bigger fish into the boat and putting big smiles on my customer's faces! That is how I get paid so results are mandatory! I have found that I can use many of the products in the stable of choices at Smatbaits to enhance already good baits making them "Smarter" and tricking older bigger wiser fish into the boat and onto my customers tables! I don't just endorse the Smartbaits lures and softbaits but I use them almost every day I am on the water to help put fish in the boat!"

Kingsley S. Grant
Kingsize Adventures
Victoria British Columbia

"Hi all I have been fishing tournaments for 20 years and have not seen anything like these baits. They are one of the most revolutionary baits in the industry today. The most unique lures around with the colour changing effects it is completely awesome. When you are fishing them they change colour according to the temperature of the water. It is pretty cool to see these baits change from a chartreuse to a red and trigger strikes from weary bass. With Smartbait's choices between quality hard and soft baits which allows anglers to fish an endless variety of techniques. I will keep you posted on how the fishing goes."

Scott Acheson
Professional Tournament Angler & Tournament Winner


Madison Bingley's catch using Smartbaits
Madison's ice fishing catch

"I've had the opportunity of using Smartbaits during tournaments, summer fishing and ice fishing and I'm am continually impressed by how well the fish respond to this tackle. I am always looking for innovative approaches to fishing and Smartbaits has definitely satisfied and surpassed my needs and expectations. Not only do the fish love these baits, but the high quality of these products means that anglers can use these in any conditions and won't have to worry about them failing when they need them the most. Smartbaits products have solved the eternal search for the perfect colour of bait. How many times have you been fishing and someone says "Change the colour of your bait, it will make a difference". I've seen it happen many times and when your bait does the work for you, you'll have a very successful day on the water. Thank you Smartbaits!"

Madison Bingley
Recreational Tournament Angler