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Smart Talk: Technical terms that will make you sound clever in front of your friends and family.
Punching Mat: this means working your bait through very thick weed cover using heavier weights on your line.
Drop Shotting: this is a bait system used for picky/difficult fish. Using a light weight attached approximately 1 foot ahead of your bait on your line that will let the bait stay just off bottom.
Fan Casting: this unique casting pattern is used to cover water quickly. While moving your rod in a “fan” motion or “clock” pattern cast around the area you’re fishing.
Dead Sticking: a lazy boy style of fishing that allows the bait to stay stationary for long periods without moving it.
Carolina Rig: a bait system that uses a heavy weight, then a swivel and the bait at the bottom. This keeps the bait in the target zone you are looking for.
Finesse: a style of fishing used to coax or draw out finicky fish.
Flipping & Pitching: Two styles of fishing where you aim at nearby targets to get your bait into the precise target zone.
Whacky Rig: this involves placing your hook in the middle of the bait and leaving the hook exposed.
Walk the dog: this is a top water style of fishing whereby an angler twitches the rod back and forth in opposite directions that enables the bait to do sharp left and right turns.

Bluebird: a term used for a cloudless sunny day. Quite often a blue bird day makes for the toughest fishing conditions.

Ledges & Drop offs: these are areas to fish where water sharply goes from shallow to deep.
Bullet weight: this is a cone shaped weight used on your fishing line to allow you to choose different depths of bait presentation.
Backing: using your line of choice tied to a main line on your spool to enable easier line changing, less free spooling and use less line.
Stained: a color of the water that is often clear but colored like tea.
Backlash & Birds net: line tangles in your spool from miscasting also known as a professional overrun.
Test: the diameter of a fishing line.