Smart Vibe Lipless Crankbaits

Without a doubt, fishing a vibrating lure is one of the most fun ways of fishing there is. When you feel the throbbing of the Smart Vibe on the end of your line, you'll know that a fish is about to hit it. And why not? Loaded with rattles, in the right fish catching colors, these baits ensure that you have the right color combination every time. Faced with muddy water? Don't worry! The color combinations Smartbaits™ offers in the Smart Vibe line-up covers every water condition...from muddy to clear. Yep, the Smart Vibe is the one lure you'll have tied on your rod year-round.  With Smartbaits color change technology the Smart Vibe will also continually change color on the belly part of the lure while swimming though thermoclines to imitate what bait fish do in nature and attract fish to strike. Check'em out!