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Reno Viola on Smartbaits Color Changing Lures

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Canadian Fishing Legend Reno Viola's thoughts on Smartbaits

Reno Viola - RenoViolaOutdoors

When I first heard about Smartbaits I was skeptical. After 40 years in the Fishing industry, I had never heard or seen anything quite like this before. However, the idea of color changing baits fascinated me. Then the more I thought about it the more it started to make sense that they would catch more fish.

Their slogan "Color Changes Everything" got me thinking about what was the most important factor in my bait selection decision. The answer is color. The bait has to look natural color wise (or very contrasting) and it then if you can add a new twist, (a different temporary color) you have a winner. To me the color switch in the bait as the water column temperature and depth changes is the key factor triggering strikes and to me using and catching more fish with Smartbaits. It is easy to use and simply out fishes most other baits when they are used side by side.

In real simple terms, I love my Smartbaits, they are unique and my baits are now doing what other baits are not, which is changing color right in front of the fish's eyes and making fish strike. With the wide selection of styles and shapes there is a Smartbaits available for almost every application, from fresh water to salt water purposes. My way of fishing has changed for the better. 

Reno Viola

Television and Radio Show Host The Fish'n Canada Show, The Outdoor Journal Show, In-Depth with Reno Viola
Canadian Sportsfishing Hall of Fame Inductee
Awarded Veteran Outdoor Writer and Broadcaster
Tournament Champion

Reno Viola
Reno Viola with Smartbaits